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Alternatives To Aspirin For Dogs
Aspirin for dogs most often comes into question when your canine friend is suffering your arthritis or other joint pain such as hip dysplasia. It has also been used to reduce swelling caused by an injury or for the reduction of fever.
It is very important to consider the size of the dog and in some cases the breed. Although dosage guidance can be found through Internet searches, it is always recommended that you work with your dog’s veterinarian to determine the best course of action for the specific situation. Your vet will able to accurately weigh the dog and take into account all aspects of the canine before recommending the best course of action. [...]

Keep Your Dog Looking Great With A Furminator Dog Brush
The Furminator dog brush is an accessory that every dog owner should have in order to keep shedding under control. One of the hardest things to deal with when keeping a pet indoors is the excessive amount of hair that they will leave behind on the carpet, the floors and furniture all around your home. In fact, many pet owners are embarrassed to have company over because the pet hair is all around the house. When others get the idea that you are a slob, this is a problem that has gotten out of control.
In order to avoid having people think badly of them, many pet owners simply avoid inviting anyone over to their house. This can change relationships with friends and family members as a result of hair being left all around the home. [...]

Dispelling Spay And Neuter Clinic Myths
A spay and neuter clinic will often be put into the position of dispelling many of the myths people have about sterilizing their pets. Because there is a mass failure in this country to do such a thing, pounds and SPCA offices are inundated with animals that no one wants and no one will care for. Strays become a problem in neighborhoods and a generally bad situation is made worse by the mere presence of misinformation. If you've heard that doing this for your pets is a bad thing, you may have been subject to these myths yourself. Here is some truth to counteract the fallacies. [...]

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